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There are two types of rotary solenoids from Kendrion: The high performance solenoid which is extremly fast switching and of high force and the compct rotary solenoid which is very small and cost-effective.

Rotary Solenoids

Rotary solenoids are rotary actuating solenoids for a wide range of applications. The high performance rotary solenoid excels by extremely fast switching times and a sturdy design. Compact, cost-efficient and easy to use – these are the attributes characterizing the compact rotary solenoid.

Rotary solenoids - Product description

Both rotary solenoids and linear solenoids are actors. They perform a powerful rotary movement over a defined angle of rotation.

The end positions can be fixed on both sides with a high holding torque. A feature which is required for applications such as switching gates in sorting technology. Modern logistics concepts rely on the fast and reliable switching by rotary solenoids.

Apart from gate switching rotary solenoids also take over actuation tasks in machines and systems. For an optimum size and design of the acuator our existing standards or customer-specific adaptations can be used. The modular design of the Kendrion rotary solenoids allows for a quick implementation of specific requirements.

Safe lockings are a further field of application of rotary solenoids. The energy-saving, bistable concept and the compact size are decisive for the use as twist locks.

The operating principle of the Kendrion rotary solenoids can be both monostable and bistable. The monostable design is a springless system. The retaining is achieved by a permanent magnet.

The bistable concept is based on the polarity reversal of the supply voltage which causes a change of the rotational direction in a polarized system.

Because of the short switching time and the permanently high holding torque the system only requires little power and is therefore energy-saving.