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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Kendrion Rotary Solenoid

Rotary solenoids used for logistics sector

Rotary Solenoids for postal sorting

Rotary solenoids from Kendrion are perfectly suited for applications where high speeds, long life and highest precision are required. All Kendrion rotary solenoids are developed on request ensuring customer-optimized functionality.

Success Story: Kendrion keeps you posted

The right letter at the right time at the right address - Kendrion Rotary Solenoids used in letter sorting machines.

You may think that sending letters is outdated, but worldwide there are still millions and millions of people who practice the paper-based handcraft. Few realize what high tech and state-of-the-art systems in the background ensure these letters will arrive on time and at the right address. A growing number of these systems have ‘Kendrion inside’.

The way we communicate is changing rapidly. Turbulent developments in the digital world enable us to exchange and share news, ideas, views and opinions almost with the speed of light. While on a global scale still having the bigger share of the communication market, traditional postal companies are faced with the challenge to follow suit. By delivering components which make their sorting machines faster, more reliable and durable Kendrion serves a vital purpose in postal sorting systems


Talking in numbers, Kendrion’s rotary solenoids enable producers to sort more than 50,000 letters per hour, the solenoids do not need to be serviced before 100 million cycles and due to the design the bounce of the solenoids was minimized in order to achieve the highest accuracy possible to make the sorting process overall more reliable and reduce service hours. The system analyses the address, resulting in the diverter pushing the right letter into the right direction within milliseconds, ensuring delivery of the right letter to the right address.

Continuous development

Kendrion actively started targeting this market five years ago and put a lot of effort and energy in sales and development of new solutions which resulted in products being faster, more durable and reliable. This helped to spark off Kendrion’s success in conquering a large share of the postal sorting market. Worldwide there are approximately 15 producers and suppliers of sorting systems, who over the past few years have all got acquainted with the benefits and possibilities of Kendrion’s rotary solenoids.

International growth

This year Kendrion starts production for customers in the USA and France, the Kendrion product has also been designed in a new machine in Italy. The in-depth knowledge of engineering rotating applications and the company’s global presence make Kendrion the first choice in customer specific solutions. Kendrion is on the right track to eventually gain a 60 percent share of this particular market.