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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Linear solenoids from Kendrion can be used as stopper units in transfer systems

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Electromagnets for automation equipment

Electric automation from Kendrion

Kendrion is a manufacturer of mechatronic-electromagnetic assemblies, which are often used in the field of automation technology. Automation technology is an interdisciplinary technology to other areas such as machine or production engineering, and the requirements it is subject to vary accordingly. Kendrion's wide range of products allow us to offer the ideal products for every application and industry.

In electrical processes, electromagnetic actuators take care of the executing functions that convert electrical signals into a mechanical movement. While linear actuators (linear solenoids) are the ideal solution in a great many cases, a rotating movement caused by rotary magnets also has advantages, for example in sorting technology. Where bulk materials need to be separated, sorted, dosed or simply fed, vibrating solenoids offer the ability to generate the required material flow using linear or arc-shaped vibration.

Application as linear drives

More and more companies are recognising the benefits of electric drives in factory and process automation. Electrically driven actuating elements are often not only more cost-effective in operation, they are also easy to control and configure. For one customer for example, Kendrion is developing an exclusive stopper system for transfer systems using linear and assembly technology, in which the workpiece carrier is positioned with an electromagnet, rather than with a pneumatic cylinder in the conventional manner. In some cases, all other parts in an assembly line can also be electrically driven, so that a factory can be operated completely free of any air pressure infrastructure. With a long service life, high lift capacities and large transverse forces, electromagnetic actuators from Kendrion are ideal for applications such as separators, positioning units and stoppers. Linear solenoids for stopper systems

Applications in sorting systems

It is in sorting technology that rotary magnets really display their strengths. Electromagnetically operated points in transfer systems can be switched quickly, precisely and almost silently. Depending on the size of the parts to be sorted and the required switching speed, Kendrion offers high-end solutions for example for letter and parcel sorting, or cost-effective electromagnets for use as ejectors or other components in sectors such as the food industry. Our rotary magnets can be variably adjusted for your system, allowing us for example to implement customised solutions of various sizes with a rotation angle of up to 150° and, depending on torque, switching speeds of only 10 milliseconds. Get in touch. We'll be happy to inform you about the standard solutions available and the possibilities for new developments. Rotary magnets for sorting technology

Applications in feed systems When it comes to bulk materials, oscillation systems from Kendrion are the number one choice. Vibrating solenoids are the specialists when it comes to drives for spiral conveyors, linear conveyors or pot conveyors. In the field of process automation, Kendrion has a high level of technical expertise and can draw on the widest range of products available on the market. Our vibrating solenoids can be fully adapted to your system in terms of force, voltage and connection types. Vibrating solenoids for feed technology

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