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Electromagnetic sorting gates (rotary solenoids) are used for intralogistics processes.

Electromagnetic Sorting Gate

Controlling Logistics with Electromagnetic Sorting Gates

In order to meet the requirements of the sharply increasing international movement of goods a future-proof intralogistics for the efficient and fast transportation of merchandise is indispensable. Our customers are leading manufacturers of such logistics solutions with many years of competence in the area of conveyor technology and handling systems. Kendrion develops and produces electromagnetic sorting gates, e.g. for overhead conveyors or modern shoe-sorter-systems where the transportation direction of the goods is controlled fast and reliably by a respective gate switching.

Electromagnetic sorting gates are polarized rotary solenoids which perform a rotary movement across a defined angle of rotation (up to 60°). The start and end positions are held by a high holding torque (bistable design). The high rotary speed of up to 10ms is achieved by polarity reversal of the rotary solenoid. Kendrion guarantees a maintenance-free use of at least 100 million switching cycles.

✓ High forces & fast switching times

✓ Low energy consumption

✓ Highly bounce-free

Pneumatic-free intralogistics

For fast switching and sorting tasks but also for other logistics tasks such as separating or ejecting rotary solenoids are the perfect components. Apart from their high dynamics and reliability rotary actuators convince by a further important advantage: The rotary solenoids replace pneumatically-operated acuators in the overall solution and allow for an operation without air supply.

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