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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Service & spare parts

Original spare parts from BINDER - much more than just replacement

Service & spare parts

If it comes to spare parts for BINDER products you should avoid experiments. Only original BINDER spare parts and spare devices guarantee reliability, and you can only obtain these proven spare parts from us. The BINDER service network guarantees availability worldwide. Our regular customers have long known how reliable BINDER spare parts are, because only they are perfectly compatible and allow the full operation of your machines.
If you believe in long-term reliability and smooth operation you should make sure to use exclusively Original BINDER spare parts. In the long run this investment is always worth it.

Kendrion BINDER spare parts – easy to find, fast to get
High-quality spare parts are one thing – finding and getting the right parts easily and fast another. In order to make our service as convenient and safe as possible we support you from the start in your search for the desired spare part or spare device.

You can always count on our spare parts supply. Our flexible production and powerful logistics as well as the competence of our service-oriented employees allow for quick and competent help in any situation. No enterprise can afford unnecessary delays because of machines going out of service. Due to our Service Competence Center short reaction times are possible worldwide. In urgent cases we deliver goods in stock within 24 hours.

Original spare parts guarantee the optimum operation and functioning of your equipment !

These original spare parts can only be bought directly from us or through one of our sales partners!