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Lightweight - spring-applied brake for serial applications plastic brake Aerzen


Lightweight - spring-applied brake for serial applications

The innovative electromagnetic brake is used wherever light and small brakes are required. In the case of serial applications, an optimized production process offers a good price / performance ratio.


Lightweight brakes

for battery operated tools

Smaller electric motors in mobile applications, such as battery powered tools, require light and small brakes.

Lightweight - spring-applied brake collaborative robot

Weight-saving brakes

in lightweight robots or stairlifts

Light electromagnetic brakes are also needed in other applications, such as lightweight construction robots or stair lifts, which are produced in high numbers and where every gram counts.

Specifications & technical details

Nominal torque range0.5 - 2.0 Nm
Diametral dimension55 mm
Length26 mm
Electrical power7W
Inertia rotor18.9∙10-7 kgm2