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Universal Collection

Overexcitation rectifiers

About Universal Collection

Single-phase overexcitation rectifiers with internal DC side turn-off through voltage detection

These rectifiers with time-controlled bridge/half-wave changeover are ideal for installation in the junction boxes of brake motors, brakes and solenoids with high dynamic requirements. The internal DC side turn-off ensures simple, straight-forward rectifier connection.
Accessories include flying leads and a range of mounting hardware so that installation on DIN rails is also possible. Encapsulated versions for an extended operating temperature range are available as options. In case of integral DC side fast turn-off, the induction voltage generated by inductive loads is limited within the rectifier.

Specifications & technical details

Rectifier type:time-controlled bridge / half-wave changeover
Rated input voltage:up to 500 VAC
Output voltage:Uin * 0.98 / Uin * 0.445
Output current:OE 2.0 A / holding 1.0 A
Fast turn-off:yes, via voltage detection
Overexcitation time (OE):0.25 s