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Standard Line

Overexcitation rectifiers

About Standard Line

Overexcitation rectifiers with fast turn-off through current detection

The rectifier with built-in current sensor for fast turn-off is designed for the operation of electromagnetic devices.
It ensures fast turn-on and turn-off. The rectifier with bridge circuit comprises a thyristor and timer. During overexcitation, the rectifier delivers bridge rectified output voltage before changing over to half-wave rectification.
On the DC side, the output voltage is enabled by the built-in current sensor which measures the AC current of the connected motor. If the motor is stopped, the rectifier turns off on the DC side as soon as the current falls below the turn-off threshold.
The turn-off voltage generated by the inductive load is limited. The rectifier is suitable for connection in parallel with AC motors. The current sensor must be wired into the motor current path in such a way that the current flow created when the motor operates in generator mode will not pass through the sensor. This is crucial to avoid delayed or impaired DC side switching.

Specifications & technical details

Rectifier type:time-controlled bridge/half-wave changeover
Rated input voltage:220 to 460 VAC
Output voltage:Uin * 0.98 / Uin * 0.445
Output current:OE 2.4 A / holding 1.2 A
Fast turn-off:yes, through internal current detection
Connection:flying leads
Overexcitation time (OE):0.3 s
Motor current detection range:0.27 - 34 A