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Hybrid high-performance rectifiers

Standard Line

Hybrid high-performance rectifiers

About Standard Line

Hybrid high-performance half-wave/bridge rectifiers with DC side turn-off via auxiliary contact

The sturdy rectifier is ideal for applications involving difficult power supply conditions such as transients and high ambient temperatures. Thanks to its unique circuitry configuration with external bridge circuit, the hybrid rectifier can work as half-wave rectifier or bridge rectifier.
The hybrid rectifier has a built-in protective circuit, which makes it ideal for use with inductive loads. All electronic components are installed in a compact receptacle housing. Complete PU encapsulation ensures perfect heat removal and optimum rectifier resistance to contamination and humidity.
The rectifier is equipped with brackets for universal installation. Top-hat rail mounting is also possible.

Specifications & technical details

Rectifier type:bridge/half-wave
Rated input voltage:half-wave 0 - 690 VAC / bridge 0 - 460 VAC
Output voltage:Uin * 0.445 / Uin * 0.98
Output current:half-wave 3,5A / bridge 4,0A
Fast turn-off:yes, via auxiliary contact
Overexcitation time (OE):0.25 s - 15 s