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Standard Line

Overexcitation rectifiers

About Standard Line

Overexcitation rectifiers with fast turn-off through voltage detection

The rectifier with built-in voltage sensor for fast turn-off is designed for the operation of electromagnetic devices. It ensures fast turn-on and turn-off. The rectifier with bridge circuit comprises a thyristor and timer.
During overexcitation, the rectifier delivers bridge rectified output voltage before changing over to half-wave rectification. The built-in voltage sensor ensures that the DC side output is interrupted when AC input voltage is removed.
The turn-off voltage generated by the inductive load is limited. The rectifier is suitable for connection in parallel with AC motors. However, a separate power supply is required for the rectifier in the presence of driving loads, high moments of inertia or in case of frequency converter operation of the motor.

Specifications & technical details

Rectifier type:time-controlled bridge/half-wave changeover
Rated input voltage:220 - 500 VAC
Output voltage:Uin * 0.98 / Uin * 0.445
Output current:OE 2.4 A / holding 1.2A
Fast turn-off:yes, through voltage detection
Connection:flying leads
Overexcitation time (OE):0.3 s