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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Electromagnetic brakes ideal for

Medical engineering

Highest requirements to hygiene, safety and reliability are the essential features of electromagnetic solutions in the area of medical engineering.

Medical engineering

Kendrion is a manufacturer of electromagnetic components for medical engineering applied in particular in the fields of computer tomography, ventilation technology, X-ray systems, handling technology as well as stands and lamps.
Highest requirements to hygiene, safety and reliability are the essential features of electromagnetic solutions in the area of medical engineering.

Brakes for medical technology solutions

Kendrion manufactures electromagnetic brakes and clutches for medical technology solutions designed primarily for use in surgical microscopes, X-ray tables and systems, CT and MRI gantries, C-arcs, stands, lamps and medical chairs. Kendrion offers optimized solutions for medical technology tailored to specific customer applications. Safety, reliability and precision are among the key requirements to be met by electromagnetic brakes designed for the medical technology sector. Precise positioning of medical devices, reliable holding in the desired position, low-noise operation and high power density are crucial factors and essential criteria for maximum patient safety at all times. The permanent-magnet brake developed by Kendrion provides the ideal solution to meet these challenging requirements. The braking effect is generated by a permanent-magnetic field. This means the brake acts in unpowered condition. It performs the following functions: holding, positioning, emergency stopping. The braking effect is neutralized by an opposite electromagnetic field to ensure maximum safety even in case of power failure. Permanent-magnet brakes are characterized by reliable brake release with zero residual torque, independently of their installation position, and by zero-backlash transmission of the brake torque. Moreover, the permanent-magnet brake provides additional benefits such as above-average stability of the holding torque and dynamic brake torque throughout the entire brake lifecycle. The brake boasts a long life span and minimal wear.

Safe stands and lamps thanks to Kendrion brakes

In the daily use of stands and lamps, infinitely adjustable stand positioning during operation and zero-backlash position holding play a crucial role. Safety brakes are used to lock the stand arms in the desired position. To move the stand arms, the doctor presses a button to release the brake and then moves the stand to the desired position. When done, the doctor releases the button, causing the brake to engage to hold the stand in its new position. In case of power failure, the doctor must be able to move the stand manually by applying a certain amount of force. This means that the torque of the brake must not exceed a certain maximum level so that it can be overcome by the application of manual force in an emergency situation. Technically speaking, the maximum torque of the brake should not exceed the adjusted brake torque significantly. Bespoke solutions from brake experts Medical devices frequently require bespoke brake solutions. Kendrion offers a broad product spectrum for the most diverse applications. Besides permanent-magnet brakes, its portfolio also includes spring-applied brakes. All products can be tailored to specific customer requirements. Kendrion is your ideal brake partner for medical technology solutions.