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Permanent magnet brakes ideal for

Automation & robotics

A free residual torque and zero backlash are the core requirements for brakes and clutches in the field of automation technology. In addition, a high temperature range and a free torsional backlash are required.


Kendrion is a manufacturer of electromagnetic components for automation technology applied in particular in the fields of industrial robots, machine tools and packaging machines. Core requirements to brakes and clutches in automation technology are their capacity to be residual torque-free and backlash-free. In addition, it is essential for them to cover a high temperature range and to be free of torsional backlash. Kendrion Industrial Drive Systems offers electromagnetic solutions especially for automation technology.


Each application of robots, involves the safety aspect. Even in the case of control or current failures neither humans nor capital goods must be affected by irregular movements. Electromagnetic brakes are ideally suited here as different operating principles, sizes and performance classes ensure that suitable safety brakes can be found for each robot application.

Robotics continues to evolve, but the brakes need to keep up. While less and less installation space is available higher and higher torques are required. The solution? Permanent magnet brakes from Kendrion’s High Torque line. The conventional design of the PM-brake sets limits, e.g. in terms of voltage tolerances or the operating temperature range. At operating temperatures below -5°C malfunctions due to overcompensation may occur; the PM-brake does not open reliably any more. With PM-brakes in “High Torque” technology there is no need to worry, thanks to a completely new setup of the magnetic circuit. The patented setup ensures an optimized magnetic flow when the coil is energised, i.e. when the brake is open. This results in a higher torque than with conventional PM-brakes, and even at temperatures of up to -40°C malfunctions are excluded.

Thus, “High Torque” brakes are the perfect choice for demanding applications.

Furthermore, due to its wide product portfolio in the field of robotics Kendrion can also offer a spring-applied brake.

The “Servo Line” series (spring-applied brake) was developed for the integrated installation into servomotors.

The spring-applied brakes are designed as holding brakes with emergency stop function. They are suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications such as automation & robotics.