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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Kendrion Industrial Drive Systems Laboratory

Kendrion - the brake expert

Electromagnetic brakes & clutches

As a solution provider, Kendrion develops, produces and markets innovative and high-quality electromagnetic and mechatronic systems and components for customers all over the world.

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Kendrion Industrial Drive Systems entry area

Kendrion - the brake expert

Electromagnetic brakes & clutches

Many years of experience in the development and production of electromagnetic components and systems enable us to offer our customers the solutions that perfectly meet their requirements.

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Kendrion Industrial Drive Systems Engineering Construction

Kendrion - the brake expert

Electromagnetic brakes & clutches

Our broad product portfolio is the basis for our braking solutions, which can be individually adapted to our customers' requirements by our experts.

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Kendrion Industrial Drive Systems Production Spring-Applied Brakes

Kendrion - the brake expert

Electromagnetic brakes & clutches

The innovative and high-quality products of Kendrion Industrial Drive Systems are predestined for use in many different industrial applications.


About Industrial Drive Systems

Welcome to "Industrial Drive Systems" - one of the five business units of Kendrion N.V.

Industrial Drive Systems develops and produces electromechanical brakes and clutches for the industrial drive technology.

Our headquarters is located in Villingen (Germany). Industrial Drive Systems has further production sites and subsidiaries in the UK, China, Italy and Aerzen (Germany) as well as numerous sales representatives all over the world.

Tradition and progress

The long-established BINDER brand laid the foundations for the successful development of Industrial Drive Systems. In 1911, Wilhelm Binder founded his company and began in the early 1920s with the development and production of electromagnetic components. In 1997, the company was taken over by the Dutch group Schuttersveld N.V. - today Kendrion N.V.

The former magneta GmbH & Co. KG belongs to the Kendrion Group since 2010. As the present Kendrion (Aerzen) GmbH, the innovative company continues to develop and produce electromagnetic clutches and brakes as well as magnetic particle clutches and brakes at its site in Aerzen.

For each application the right brake

Today, the industry as well as the everyday life aren't imaginable without automation solutions anymore. Mechatronics supports further development in this field and increases the variety of applications. In this conjuction electromagnetic brakes often meet necessary requirements for holding loads and braking safely in case of an emergency.

Wide differences in the specifications of torque, sliding speed and braking energy arise from the multitude of applications. Kendrion rises to the challenge of meeting these requirements and at the same time ensuring the standardisation of the products. Customer-specific solutions are developed and implemented on the basis of a broad product portfolio. In this process it is essential to analyse and to understand the industry-sector-specific requirements of the customers. Kendrion has the process know-how as well as the product portfolio required in many different fields of application, like automation technology, robotics, mechanical engineering and elevation technology and is therefore able to provide the optimal solution for each application.