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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Social and Human Capital

The Social and Human Capital pillar concerns people’s competences, capabilities and experiences, and their motivations.

The Social and Human Capital pillar concerns people’s competences, capabilities and experiences, and their motivations. Material themes for the Social and Human Capital pillar include:

  • Community connection and investment

  • Health & Safety

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Company culture

Community connection and investment

Kendrion believes it is imperative to its responsibility, to increase awareness of social problems and to contribute to the reduction of social and economic gaps in the world in general and in the local communities in which Kendrion operates in particular. Kendrion cares about long-term futures and values the social good that can be done by showing initiative.


In 2017, Kendrion launched the Together@Kendrion initiative. By means of Together@Kendrion, Kendrion rewards community investment initiatives submitted by the Kendrion operating companies and employees. Through the Together@Kendrion initiative, all Kendrion employees are invited to submit a proposal for the funding by Together@Kendrion of a project or initiative with a link to the local community. Focus areas include for example, education and development, human rights, equal opportunities, health and safety, environmental protection and technology.

Health and safety

Kendrion regards a healthy and safe working environment as one of the basic rights of its employees. Kendrion’s operating companies comply with the most stringent quality and safety requirements. The requirements include the appointment of safety officers, the periodic training of employees and the consistent performance of safety audits. In addition to certain centrally coordinated health and safety-related policies and procedures, day-to-day responsibility for health and safety is concentrated within the operating companies. Accidents, lost time injury rates and illness rates are monitored by the operating companies and consolidated centrally in accordance with Kendrion’s established reporting processes as recorded in its CSR reporting manual.

Kendrion’s continual focus on the safety of the production processes has enabled the company to limit the number of accidents in recent years. Accident figures are below the relevant industry benchmarks. There have been no fatal accidents at work in recent years. Kendrion maintains safety as a priority and will continue to pay considerable attention to further reducing the number of accidents. Accidents are reported on a monthly basis and followed by a comprehensive evaluation and review of the feasibility of implementing further improvements in safety procedures and working methods.

Many Kendrion companies have implemented programmes to promote their employees’ health. Examples include the availability of free ‘stop smoking’ courses, fresh fruit and mineral water, and the opportunity offered to employees to receive an influenza vaccination during working hours. Employees at various operating companies are able to participate in an annual health day that offered them a general health check (blood pressure, diabetes, etc.). Other examples of measures include training courses designed to avoid back complaints, ergonomic advice and grants to attend a gym at various locations.

Diversity and inclusion

At Kendrion, we believe in the strength of a diverse workforce. Diversity promotes better decision-making and the exchange of intercultural experience and ideas. We aspire to recruit the right mix of people for Kendrion as a whole, as well as for each department, taking into account competences and skills, gender, nationality, background and other factors. However, diversity is not a goal in itself, as Kendrion always strives to appoint the best and most suitable person for the job. In 2017, Kendrion’s workforce comprised 38 nationalities employed in 10 countries. Fifty% (50%) of our workforce is female. Across the organisation as a whole, we feel we have a healthy balance of nationalities and gender. However, the percentage of women in senior management positions in Kendrion’s operating companies is relatively low. Kendrion actively strives to recruit more women for senior management positions through various initiatives, including proactive and regular contact with universities and the organisation of internal events, all with a view to further improve the balance of gender diversity in senior management positions. These initiatives contributed to the appointment of a woman to the Management Team as well as additional appointments of women to the Leadership Team. Kendrion promotes the formation of a workforce and management that reflects the composition of the local population as closely as possible.

Company culture

Kendrion’s existing group-wide employee satisfaction and culture survey was extended in 2017 to all major operating companies. One of the aims of the survey is to determine how employees value Kendrion’s culture and to identity which areas require improvement. Kendrion intends to further improve the group-wide employee satisfaction and culture survey in 2018. Going forward, Kendrion will repeat the survey at regular intervals to monitor progress and identify areas that require further action. As part of the new CSR strategy for the period 2018 and beyond, Kendrion will enhance its focus on people’s competences, capabilities and experiences, and motivation. In this context, ‘company culture’ is and continues to be a material theme. It is important to foster a company culture that contributes to the successful realisation of Kendrion’s strategy.