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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Our people

Kendrion staff worldwide

Kendrion's employees are the company's most valuable resource. Human Resources supports creating the right culture and conditions to help Kendrion attract and retain the right people with the right capabilities. To achieve that, we aspire to offer our employees the right opportunities for career development and personal growth, in a safe and attractive working environment. Through various initiatives such as Together@Kendrion, we also stimulate our employees to actively contribute to the reduction of social and economic gaps. Reference is made to the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ section for more information about community involvement and investment initiatives.

In May 2016, Kendrion launched an updated strategy to deliver sustainable profitable growth for the business in the medium to long term through the three pillars: ‘Simplify, Focus, Grow’. The focus in 2016 was on complexity reduction and cost efficiency, resulting in a range of simplification measures ahead of schedule. In 2017, Kendrion continued to accelerate the implementation of simplification measures where possible, resulting in a more simple and focused organisational structure. Human Resources played an important role in facilitating the organisational transition and the design and implementation of an adjusted agile organisation structure that will enable Kendrion to meet its growth targets in a sustainable and profitable way.

The Human Resources teams operate locally in Kendrion’s operating companies but are committed to a cooperative structure globally under the responsibility of Kendrion’s Global HR Manager based in Villingen, Germany.


Talent management and recruitment

Kendrion’s new organisational structure also requires a different balance of skills and competences throughout our business. This is both a challenge and an opportunity as we compete for talented people in a tight market where there is a shortage of skilled engineers and other specialists.

Kendrion’s recruitment initiatives include a regular presence at job fairs of technical universities and other relevant institutes. We also conduct targeted PR activities, aimed at promoting Kendrion as an attractive employer. A substantial number of students began their apprenticeship or course of study at Kendrion in 2017.

Kendrion has continued to professionalise its Human Resources processes, including the completion of the implementation of a web-based talent management and succession-planning tool.

Kendrion advocates the principle of internal mobility and aims to fill vacancies with internal candidates. Internal moves are considered beneficial to the development of Kendrion employees by providing them with new and challenging opportunities, while at the same time keeping knowledge within the organisation. In 2017, the Human Resources teams were able to fill over 30% of vacancies with internal candidates.

Training and development

Training is key to both recruiting and retaining the right people and to maintaining a strong and solid position in a competitive market. To ensure that Kendrion employees remain fully committed and aligned with the strategy and to provide our employees with opportunities for professional and personal growth, Kendrion’s operating companies offer a wide range of internal training courses. Kendrion aims to ensure that employees receive the right training for their current positions and for positions employees may be able to occupy in the future. Several new training courses were added in 2017, and where appropriate, existing training courses were adapted to ensure continued alignment with Kendrion’s strategy.

A new Leadership & Performance Programme was introduced in 2017. This Programme was developed jointly with the Rotterdam School of Management and comprises three modules exclusively designed for Kendrion. Kendrion’s Leadership Team (consisting of Kendrion’s 30 most senior employees) participated in two modules with the remaining module to be offered in 2018. The modules of the Leadership & Performance Programme focus on themes such as understanding and improving performance within the context of the market and industry in which Kendrion operates and are aligned with the rationale underlying the ‘Simplify, Focus, Grow’ strategy. The Leadership & Performance Programme also constitutes an important platform for exchanges of experience between the (senior) management and for further expansion of collaboration between the operating companies.

Kendrion also offers a three-year modular training programme (Kendrion High Potential Programme) specifically designed for talented and ambitious employees with potential for management roles. A group of eleven high-potential employees graduated in 2017, and a new group of high-potentials will commence the programme in 2018.

Employee diversity

At Kendrion, we believe in the strength of a diverse workforce. Diversity promotes better decision-making and the exchange of intercultural experience and ideas. We aspire to recruit the right mix of people for Kendrion as a whole, as well as for each department, taking into account competences and skills, gender, nationality, background and other factors. However, diversity is not a goal in itself, as Kendrion always strives to appoint the best and most suitable person for the job.

In 2017, Kendrion’s workforce comprised 38 nationalities employed in 10 countries. Fifty% (50%) of our workforce is female. Across the organisation as a whole, we feel we have a healthy balance of nationalities and gender. However, the percentage of women in senior management positions in Kendrion’s operating companies is relatively low. Kendrion actively strives to recruit more women for senior management positions through various initiatives, including proactive and regular contact with universities and the organisation of internal events, all with a view to further improve the balance of gender diversity in senior management positions. These initiatives contributed to the appointment of a woman to the Management Team as well as additional appointments of women to the Leadership Team.

Kendrion promotes the formation of a workforce and management that reflects the composition of the local population as closely as possible.


The remuneration framework is designed to create transparency and fairness in the structure of both fixed remuneration and variable remuneration. Kendrion offers its employees attractive remuneration packages that are in line with industry standards and the local market and are based on job-specific requirements. A bonus scheme has been implemented for senior management that is based on Kendrion’s financial performance and on certain individual non-financial performance targets. These also include CSR targets.