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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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8 October 2015

Open day at Kendrion (Villingen) GmbH for investors and analysts

Kendrion has organised an open day for investors and analysts at its plant in Villingen-Schwenningen in Southern Germany on Thursday, 8 October 2015.

Following presentations have been given on this day:

Kendrion N.V.

Industrial Drive Systems business unit

Passenger Car Systems business unit

19 March 2015

Kendrion Symposium 2015

On 19 March 2015 we have scheduled our Kendrion Symposium 2014 where our R&D experts and global partners will meet each other.

It is our goal to get our guests inspired by international experts in economy and science and learn about the megatrends in the automotive and industrial sector in parallel running lectures.

For the invitation with the programme containing an overview of all speakers, please click here.

The event is by invitation only.

7 November 2013

Kendrion Symposium 2013

On 7 November 2013 almost 200 people were magnetised by Kendrion’s Symposium on R&D, staged in the company’s own grounds in Villlingen-Schwenningen, Germany. One of the production halls of the factory was specially prepared to host key guests such as the development engineers of our main customers. Kendrion is fully committed to providing its customers with innovative solutions; innovative processes are a key priority in all our business units.The 2013 Symposium started with a morning full of eye-opening presentations around the three themes of the symposium: R&D Philosophy, Mobility 2020 and Magnetism meets Mechatronics. Hosted by science publicist and famous German TV-presenter dr. Joachim Bublath, keynote speakers from Britain, India and Kendrion itself elaborated on topics concerning innovation, clean power technology, electromagnetic fan clutch technology, door locking systems and sound design.

The afternoon was spent on an exciting tour around the Kendrion premises in Villingen. At five locations in the factory inspiring product presentations were held and the applied technology explained by Kendrion staff, involved in the development. Kendrion CTO Heinz Freitag closed the event and announceda recurrence in two years from now.

For the invitation with the programme containing an overview of all speakers, please click here.

22 November 2012

Dr. Wilhelm Binder Day 2012

Kendrion was pleased to welcome more than 300 guests to the second Dr. Wilhelm Binder Day on 22 November 2012. The event was held at precisely the place where it all began more than a hundred years ago. Customers, business associates and Kendrion colleagues gathered for an afternoon filled with interesting presentations, inspiring encounters, technological innovations and surprising discoveries.

The afternoon’s theme was the world of aviation, symbolising the adventurous journey of technology and innovation Kendrion and its customers are taking together. The afternoon started with an official word of welcome from Kendrion CEO Piet Veenema who provided an overview of Kendrion’s development and gave insights into the company’s future. Professor Wallaschek, a member of Kendrion’s Innovation Board, outlined the company’s innovation strategy and its practical implementation. The external keynote speaker was mountaineer Reinhold Messner who took the audience on an incredible expedition through his mountaineering adventures, while linking these experiences to business issues such as funding, innovation, research and development.

The transition from the official part of the 2012 Dr. Wilhelm Binder Day to the informal part was marked by an immense humanlike, illuminated figure that was elegantly moved forward by five puppeteers. It showed the visitors the way to the exhibition hall where the four Kendrion business units presented their activities and showed their latest innovations. It provided an opportunity for everyone to become acquainted with all the various aspects of Kendrion. Guests were able to enjoy drinks and finger food in between discussions, talks, meetings and tours. Given the numerous positive reactions received from the guests attending the event, Kendrion can justifiably look back on a successful second edition of the Dr. Wilhelm Binder Day.

To see the invitation, please click here.

Dr. Wilhelm Binder Day 2012 - Kendrion from Christian Georgopoulos on Vimeo.

10 November 2011

Dr. Wilhelm Binder Symposium - Next Century of Electromagnetism

2 April 2011

HCC Investors Symposium

Presentation (only available in Dutch)

13 November 2010

Presentation meeting Stichting Rechtsbescherming Beleggers

Presentation (only available in Dutch)

4 and 7 October 2010

Dr. Wilhelm Binder Day - 1st Kendrion Innovation Event 2010