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Foot control

Proportional foot switch valve

To control the turbine speed, a special, foot-controlled mechanically operated proportional valve is used. It can provide an air output up to 100 l/min at 5 bar.

Hygienic treatment

Fluid isolation valve

The media-separated valve is optimized to provide energy-efficient switching of water in hygienic treatment units. Additionally this product is ideal for the handling of aggressive liquids due to the fully-swept flow properties which prevent permanent contamination or calcification and thus contribute to even longer life.

Pump control unit

This pump control module is used to control a water pump, which is used for adding hydrogen peroxide for the hygienic treatment of water.

Control manifold for hygienic treatment

During the process of cleaning hand-held units, elbow pieces and turbine instruments, the inflow/outflow of water or disinfectant is controlled via this compact and easy-to-integrate valve manifold.

Air / water control

Air / water pressure regulators

Kuhnke pressure regulators are used for pneumatic and hydro treatment procedures due to their precise and reliable stability that is achieved when regulating inconsistent supply pressure.

Supply unit for air and water

The connection of treatment units to the public drinking water network is subject to strict regulatory requirements. At the same time, it is important to prevent pressure fluctuations in the water and air supply within the treatment center. The combination of special filters, pressure regulators and valves results in application-optimized plug-and-play assemblies.

10mm solenoid valve (air / water)

Whether it is for pneumatics (air, vacuum), water or spray and propelling air supply of the instruments, as a single valve or part of an assembly, the 63 valve family is characterized by the small size and numerous adjustment options. It has proven itself over decades to be suitable for all kinds of dental treatment units.

Patient comfort

Lordosis unit

To provide more comfort to the patient, massage and lumbar support can be integrated inside the dental chair. Air chambers in the backrest are alternately inflated and deflated. By combining Kuhnke pressure regulators and valves this can be done very easily and elegantly.

Lordosis unit light

Adjustable lumbar supports are integrated into the chair of treatment units to achieve added patient comfort. For this purpose, air chambers in the backrest are inflated and deflated again after treatment. The assembly consists of a Kuhnke pressure regulator as well as a Kuhnke solenoid valve and allows this function to be implemented easily.

Luft-/ Wassersteuerung

Cuspidor solenoid valve

The 65 series solenoid valve is used for the supply of the cuspidor and ensures the filling of the mouthwash cup.

Support arm / pneumatic brake

Mechanically actuated brake valve

The mechanical Kuhnke valve is integrated into the handle. It is very quiet with pneumatic locking to ensure proper positioning for the dentist.

Dentist and assistant elements

Supply unit for dental instruments

The innovative Kuhnke FluidBoard® technology in combination with sensors, valves and pressure regulators simplifies the distribution of air, water and spray considerably.

At the same time, external tubing as well as wiring but also unwanted dead spots are eliminated. As a result, both the dentist element and the assistant element become much more compact.

Proportional valve (air / water)

With an air flow of up to 90 liters/min. the 68 series proportional valve is the ideal solution for controlling the supply air for drilling turbines.