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Battery cooling valve and ECU

optimise battery performance and safety in hybrid and electric cars

For hybrid and electric cars, temperature has a significant impact on the performance and lifespan of the car’s battery pack. Overheating through a process called ‘thermal runaway’ can even put passengers’ safety at risk. So, ensuring batteries always operate at their optimal temperature – especially when multiple batteries are combined – is top-of-mind for development teams.

KENDRIONS new smart water valve integrates a fluid control valve and an electronic control unit (ECU), creating a highly optimised, single solution that lets hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturers keep the temperature of car battery pack systems in check. There is a special focus on meeting the highest possible quality and reliability standards for security-related features. KENDRIONS smart water valve enables a centralised ECU architecture of the car. Our light, compact and robust valve distributes coolant flows, helping to maintain battery cell temperature within a few degrees across the entire battery pack.


Benefits at a glance

  • Helps to reduce danger of thermal runaways
  • Fail Safe
  • Position detection
  • LIN or CAN communication

Electric Mobility Solutions

Get to know more on KENDRIONS solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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