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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Sound Design for the comfort inside the vehicle

Interior Sound

Sound systems for the comfort inside the vehicle

Kendrion Automotive improves the quality of motor sound with the sound system for interior applications. With higher comfort, emotions and safety a complete new exciting driving experience will arise.

Operating principle

The innovative flexible shafts-technology offers over conventional loudspeaker :

  • Simple installation due to one-point attachment
  • Very small installation space requirements and low weight
  • High robustness against mechanical and climatic influences
  • Source of sound is difficult to locate
  • Wide radiation allows all car passenger to have the same acoustic perception
  • Perfect mixture of synthetic and natural sound
  • Sound and vehicle constitute a harmonious unit
  • Short listening distances are possible
  • One or simply a few actuators are necessary
  • No housing is needed
  • Generation of low frequencies without a subwoofer

The Kendrion Automotive Software is besides of the hardware an important part of the Kendrion sound system.

Electronic control unit

The electronic control unit from Kendrion has proved its worth in automotive series production applications for many years and is offering exceptional reliability.

Temperature stability and a robust and protected design to prevent dust and water ingress are additional key features. Basically, our control units are EMC-conform to eliminate an undisirable interaction with other electronic units.

Plugs, installation spaces and mounting options will be matched in cooperation with the customer. The control unit is available with one or two channels so that the soundpackage is expandable e.g. with an in-cabin sound, so that also the passengers can experience the new sound.

The electronic control units can also be used for other application areas. Get more information Electronic Control Unit.

Sound Design - Software

The Kendrion Automotive Software for parameterization of the motor sounds allows the creation of a brand-specific vehicle sound.

We offer two options:

  • You can rely on a personally tailored sound profile.
  • We provide the software, which allows you to create an own sound on the graphical user interface.

With the interface to the CAN-Bus all vehicle datas, which are needed for a specific sound generation, will be read. These include the engine speed, the speed and load as well as the current position of the pedal. In order to cover a wide frequency range, there is a sampling rate of up to 22.5 kHz.

Further products in the Sound Design sector

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