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Sound systems to improve the exterior motor sound

Exterior sound

Sound systems to improve the exterior motor sound

Use our comprehensive package of an electronic control unit, a sound actuator and a software to convince your customers with a high-quality driving noise. Improve your motor sound or produce one of high quality - for greater presence and safty of your electric vehicles.

Technical specifications
Electronic control unit

The technical data are examples. They can be adapted to your particular requirement.
Please contact us for more information.
Rated voltage 12V
Operating voltage 9V to 17V
Control CAN-Bus
Channels 1 or 2
Ambient temperature -40°C to 70°C
Protection rating IP6K9K
Others low power consumption

Technical specifications
Sound generator HAB128

The technical data are examples. They can be adapted to your particular requirement.
Please contact us for more information.
Frequency range 125 Hz to 7.000 Hz
Max. sound pressure level 73 dB/2m
Impedanz 8 Ω
Housing volume 1,5l
Ambient temperature -40°C to 80°C
Protection rating IP6K9K

Operating principle

The exterior sound system of Kendrion Passenger Cars gives you the opportunity to create a credible and suitable sound for your electric and hybrid vehicles. Using our system, you can parameterise your brand specific sound to create an addional recognition value.

The extensive package consists of a control unit, a sound design software and our sound generator HAB128. It is easily customised. Discover which influence exterior sound can have and afterwards which features exists for the individual components of the system.

Electronic control unit

The electronic control unit from Kendrion has proved its worth in automotive series production applications for many years and is offering exceptional reliability.

Temperature stability and a robust and protected design to prevent dust and water ingress are additional key features. Basically, our control units are EMC-conform to eliminate an undisirable interaction with other electronic units.

Plugs, installation spaces and mounting options will be matched in cooperation with the customer. The control unit is available with one or two channels so that the soundpackage is expandable e.g. with an in-cabin sound, so that also the passengers can experience the new sound.

The electronic control units can also be used for other application areas. Get more information Electronic Control Units.

Sound generator HAB 128

The sound generator HAB128 is used for creating a harmonic exterior sound of high quality. The HAB “Harmonic Acoustic Box” 128 consists of a sound actuator and an open flat panel system. A seismically suspended voice coil system drives a sandwich diaphragm, resulting in a bending wave pattern.

The system is completely dust-tight and waterproof. Owing to the targeted directional sound emission, no unwanted noise is produced inside the vehicle cabin. Having a particularly wide dispersion characteristic in contrast to conventional loudspeaker, the HAB128 realises a harmonic embedding of the synthetical in the natural sound portion of the vehicle.

The sound generator HAB128 will be designed in its form factor individually for you as vehicle manufacturer.

If you additionally or only want to optimize the interior sound of your vehicle we can implement this with our sound actuator.

Sound Design Software

The Sound Design software is besides of the hardware an important part of the Kendrion sound system.

The Kendrion Automotive Software for parameterisation of the motor sounds allows the creation of a brand-specific vehicle sound.

We offer two options:

  • You can rely on a personally tailored sound profile.
  • We provide the software, which allows you to create an own sound on the graphical user interface.

With the interface to the CAN-Bus all vehicle datas, which are needed for a specific sound generation, will be read. These include the engine speed, the speed and load as well as the current position of the pedal. In order to cover a wide frequency range, there is a sampling rate of up to 22.5 kHz.

Further products in the Sound Design sector

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