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Angular Sensors

Important constituent of the active chassis technology

Active Angular Sensors

Complex vehicle functions require smooth interaction between mechanics and electronics, whereby a fail save data processing is essential. Passenger Cars is specialized in designing complexe innovative systems in the range of sensors.

Technical details

Measuring path2x120°
Measurement precision+-1,2°
Signal outputPWM
Temperature range-40°C bis +80°C

Operating principle

Our rotary angle sensors detect the chassis level and so are together with the control unit and the air suspension is an important part of the active suspension technology.

The active rotation angle sensors Kendrion Automotive Control Systems sensing angle ranges from 0 to 360 ° and can be adjusted by programming the respective task.

The rotation angle sensor is used as feedback for continuous recording of changes in height between vehicle axle and vehicle body. It is operated by a linkage lever, which is optionally provided with an additional linkage. The installation is located in the unprotected area of the vehicle frame.

The electrical output signal of the sensor is proportional to the selected angle of rotation and substantially independent of the ambient temperature.

Besides the use in our truck's sensors prove to the user in comfortable buses services. Our sensors contribute to the unilateral lowering of the bus and facilitate boarding.

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