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MagHyst technology

Unveils the secrets of magnetic systems

MagHyst® technology

MagHyst® is a unique measurement device for measuring the magnetic properties of materials, semi-finished products and actuators. It addresses the needs of developers, manufacturers and users of electromagnetic drives and systems.

MagHyst® – Magnetic measuring technology

MagHyst® technology is an intelligent measuring and test technology that is used to determine sensorless and nondestructive magnetic properties of complex electromagnetic systems.

With the innovative measuring and feedback control methods upon which the MagHyst® is based, the inherent excitation coil of every electromagnetic drive system is operated simultaneously as a measuring coil to detect mechanical defects. Known as the single-coil measuring process, one
that determines a magnetisation characteristics curve Psi (i), it enables a high-resolution function test to be performed with fault detection and a resultant quality check of all drive systems
based on the reluctance principle.

The MagHyst® family of devices comprises an individually adapted set of measuring, feedback control and test technology for customer-specific applications in Development and Production, and also comprises a mobile compact device for regular service maintenance.

  • MagHyst® modular
  • MagHyst® automation
  • MagHyst® mobile

With MagHyst® technology, the complete life cycle of solenoid actuators, starting with development, including 100% inspection of the production process and extending to the
processing of complaints as well as the monitoring of wear and condition in systems installed in the field, performing metrology analyses and quality evaluations in respect of:

  • determination of armature movement and position (stroke, residual air gap)
  • analysis of armature movement during the switching process (sticking, bouncing, etc.)
  • determining of switching times and currents
  • evaluation of forces acting within the electromagnet (friction, return spring, fluid forces, force of residual magnetism etc.)
  • detection of friction and wear in the entire system
  • analysis of production defects of solenoid actuators and
  • verification of the cause of a fault.

With its associated data-based archiving of all development and production steps, MagHyst® is the perfect instrument for implementing the Industry 4.0 strategy.