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MagHyst automation

The quality guarantor for production

MagHyst® automation for manufacturers of electromagnetic actuators

MagHyst® automation can support manufacturers of electromagnetic actuators in several application fields during the production - from incoming goods inspection up to a complete end-of-line testing of complex magnetic actuator systems.

Test system for fault detection and quality control

MagHyst® automation is a test system for 100% quality control of all ferromagnetic
components throughout the entire value-added chain, one adapted to suit defined,
customer-specific inspection tasks and interfaces.

Functions and advantages of the test system

  • Digitisation of the complete production process of the solenoid with the precisionof electrical measurement and short cycle times
  • Communication with the system controller via PROFINET / PROFIBUS
  • Automatic evaluation of measurement data
  • Detection of production defects and their causes (materials, mechanical machining, assembly, adjustment etc.)
  • Conducting of endurance tests and wear analyses
  • Function check of the entire system, also under load

MagHyst® automation is a unique test technology that facilitates a zero-defect strategy in nearly all production steps, right from the development stage and during the production of electromagnetic systems.

Material, production or assembly faults can occur during the manufacture of solenoids and valves that can be traced back to mechanical defects.

Almost all defects of mechanical origin influence and/or alter the magnetisation characteristics curve Psi (i) of the electromagnet. Any such deviation can be detected by means of an electrical measurement that requires no sensors, is nondestructive and can be performed with minimal effort within milliseconds and at any point in the production process.


For manufacturers of magnetically soft components, function groups and drives, MagHyst® can help to deliver increased quality, lower costs and better products for a whole range of applications.

Below is a selection of some of the main areas where manufacturing companies can benefit by using MagHyst®.