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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Equipment Technology Services

The service portfolio of Equipment Technology Services includes the entire spectrum of automation technology.

Equipment Technology Services is devided into equipment manufacturing and control systems.

Equipment manufacturing

The equipment manufacturing staff have many years of experience in the construction of end-of-line testers (standalone and in-line solutions). Their excellent reliability and measuring accuracy have proved their worth under everyday production conditions. The range of tests includes electrical measurements, imperviousness, flow rate, force, travel and using image processing to identify relevant features. Laser, labels or printing can be used for marking at the end of the test.

When it comes to assembly technologies, Kendrion Automotive can provide a whole range of solutions. From simple jigs to smart workplace systems, right up to automatic assembly equipment using rotary and linear setups.Examples include pick-and-place applications but also joining, caulking, bending, riveting, calibrating or gluing processes. In addition, through our years of experience with renowned manufacturers, we can easily integrate feeding systems, welding (ultrasound, laser) and soldering operations, etc.

Control systems

In control systems the focus is on mechatronic solutions, where the key elements are switch cabinets, system wiring, test adapter works, PLC software development and visualisation. We use the “CoDeSys” programming language as the interface with the KUHNKE controls. Other programming languages such as STEP7 are also employed. Software tools like “Delphi” or “LabVIEW” are currently used for visualisation purposes. Additionally to the hard- and software you recieve after project completion a detailed documentation.

Application example:
Roboter technology