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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Customer-specific solutions

Our focus is on competence in magnetism. We offer customised solutions for our global system and OEM customers, which lead to products with unique features. The joint cooperation with our customers results in ideal packages in terms of specific product and market requirements. Our objective is to develop cost-optimized products for our customers, which gives them a competitive advantage.

Are you looking for an innovative and international partner for your projects? With our specialized know-how, we can support you from early on in any project phase.

Our company-own Kendrion Mechatronics Center and the in-house R&D Department can provide advice and expertise once tasks or issues are defined. We will gladly support you in the pre-development phase, with pilot projects as well as with large-scale projects for future high-volume output on a global basis.

With our global presence, we can contribute to the success of your projects throughout the world. We look forwards to a personal conversation, where we can let you in on how Carry Over Parts of existing customers are efficiently and economically supplied to various continents. Why not benefit from our over hundred years of experience! From R&D through production down to logistics.

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Development competence

As an ISO certified company, Kendrion Passenger Cars always ensures maximum quality and efficiency. Being a leading international company with decades of experience combined with innovative and economic strength, Kendrion offers technically sophisticated, tried-and-tested products.

From the pre-development phase, where the basics for new technologies are established, to the serial design of products, Kendrion fulfils the highest automotive and industrial standards. The tools being employed here include all common CAx methods, from FEM simulation (ANSYS®) with structural and fluid mechanics (CFD), circuit simulation or thermal conduction down to the calculation of magnetic fields (Maxwell 2D-3D®). Other computer-aided tools are used e.g. MATLAB/Simulink®, LabView® and AMESYM®. For modeling, we at Kendrion use the latest 3D CAD system in conjunction with a PDM system, which is directly linked to an ERP system.

The design and construction phase are covered off through our own Prototyping Department with appropriate validation in the Testing and Inspection Department. Here, we have all possibilities for standardised environmental simulation. Examples are the climate chamber, vibration testing, variable product lifetime assurance on high-pressure test benches with 3,000 bar and extensive verification of the EMC-specifications of our products. Furthermore, we use our own acoustic laboratory to test the quality of our sound products.

For developing electronic control units and mechatronic systems for the automotive market, Kendrion aligns with the Automotive-SPICE-standard and offers ASIL-compliant solutions.

On the basis of the current research and development work of our engineers, Kendrion will stay with more than 100 patents one of the most innovative and leading producer for electromagnets.

Intellectual Property

Kendrion Passenger Cars always develops new innovations. To protect our knowledge we have a pro-active team, that works on global patent application. Intellectual Property is an acquired good, that has to be defended from the use of third.

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