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Shutting-speed regulators SB

Shutting-speed regulators

Kendrion's shutting-speed regulators are developed with well-proven Kendrion engeneering know-how and meet all requirements for your fire-protection closures!

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Product information

Kendrion's shutting-speed regulators of the LINNIG brand offer a secure and compact possibility for actuation and regulation of your fire-protection closures, in line with statutory provisions.

The regulation of the shutting speed is based on an eddy current system. In this system, a copper disc as well as a steel disc behind it, are brought into rotation in front of circularly arranged permanent magnets. The poles of the permanent magnets are arranged alternatingly. The resulting eddy current in the copper disc results as a braking torque on the drive shaft.

By adjusting the air gap between the copper disc and the permanent magnets, the braking power can be changed. A smaller air gap corresponds with a higher braking torque, whereas a larger air gap leads to a reduction of the braking force. To achieve the required speed for effective operation of an eddy current system, all Kendrion shutting-speed regulators are equipped with a reduction gear with hardened gear wheels. This enables maximized service life of at least 200,000 shutting cycles to be achieved.

The gate is to be opened here manually by means of a free-wheel in the deflection pulley or in the chain wheel. As the brake is decoupled in the opening direction, merely the mass of the gate as well as the counterweight are to be moved.

Of course, this ingenious concept can also be applied for other technical solutions - Feel free to contact us! – We'll find the optimal solution for your applications.

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Specifications and technical data

Max. shaft loading: 750 – 8,500 N
Max. shutting force in wire cable: 150 – 680 N
Voltage, holding element: 24 V
Max. holding torque: 8.9 – 43 Nm
Power rating of locking device: 2.15 - 5 W +/- 10%
Power rating of opening aid: 0.07 – 0.23 kW
Drive torque of opening aid: 20 – 45 Nm
Degree of protection, unit (IP): IP 54
Degree of protection, connection (IP): IP 50
Permitted braking power: 40 – 200 W
Permitted operating temperature range: -15 C to +40°C
Adjustable shutting speed: 0.08 - 0.2 m/s

Requirements on fire protection gates

Fire protection gates have the task to ensure that the fire does not interfuse through wall openings in fire-resistant or fire-proof walls. In case of fire the fire doors have to close without extra energy source. Counter weights or spring brakes trigger the closing force. According to internationally valid fire protection standards, shutting-speed regulators are applied to attain a permanent and selected shutting speed. Furthermore sliding doors/gates have to be equipped with automatically activating locking devices.In case of emergency the closing-offs at building openings have to lock automatically. Upon actuation of a locking device, a once initiated shutting procedure may be interrupted only for the purpose of protecting persons. The shutting process must automatically continue after the shutting area has been freed. All of this is achieved by our shutting-speed regulators.

Functionality of shutting-speed regulators of the LINNIG brand

Shutting-speed regulators (SB) of the LINNIG brand cause a regulation of velocity for sliding doors or similarly moved masses. The door can be kept open due to the electro-magnetic locking device. If it switches off with a manual pushbutton or smoke alarm the door closes automatically. The closing occurs by a shutting weight or a feather-cable-roll which is connected by a rope with the door. The shutting speed is adjustable. The Eddy current equipment works without abrasion.

Kendrion Commercial Vehicles - We magnetise the world

Competent solutions in drive technology, innovation and precision – this is what Kendrion’s business area Commercial Vehicles and its products of the LINNIG brand stand for, already since 1971. Kendrion consequently continues to develop its successful concepts in the market, which are subject to ongoing inspections. The results are reflected in the following important factors: Energy saving, environmental protection, convenience and safety. Owing to Kendrion‘s tried-and-tested modular system, the solutions can be tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.

Our highly motivated employees are the backbone of Kendrion's success. They identify themselves with the company, know and significantly contribute to the markets with their knowhow. Their experience, competency, and innovative strength are decisive success factors for the future.

Next to our headquarters in Markdorf at Lake Constance, our international presence is manifested through production facilities in Mexico, the USA, Brazil, China and India. Additionally, our global partner-network is readily available to serve customers locally. With it, Kendrion today provides goods and services of the LINNIG brand worldwide to more than 800 customers in over 40 countries.