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Electromagnetic fan clutch

Electromagnetic fan clutch in 2-speed or 3-speed version

Kendrion clutch systems enable demand-meeting engine cooling. Especially in countries with low temperatures you are safely on the move with Kendrion's electromagnetic clutches!

Specifications and technical data

Information 2-speed version 3-speed version
Transferable torque: Up to 2,000 Nm Up to 400 Nm
Diameter of driven fans: Up to approx. 2,000 mm Up to approx. 1,200 mm
Supply voltage: 12 or 24 V 12 or 24 V

Efficient engine cooling means saving fuel

The primary units of Kendrion engine-cooling systems are electronically controlled electromagnetic fan clutches, available in 2- and 3-speed versions. These clutch systems enable
demand-meeting engine cooling to be realized by reducing to the required fan speed. That directly leads to cutting fuel costs at optimum efficiency.

Accurate heat removal depending on individual output curve

Depending on the application, the design of the fan clutch adapts to the customer‘s output curve and can thus ensure accurate, very swift heat removal: Within 0.5 seconds the fan is fully engaged, and thus draws off heat immediately. The maximum engine power is always available.

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