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Kendrion 2-speed electromagnetic fan clutch

2-speed electromagnetic fan clutch

Kendrion clutch systems enable demand-meeting engine cooling to be realized. Thanks to high efficiency this leads to significant potential in cutting down fuel costs!

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Convincing features

  • Downsizing of the cooling system with the fan clutch at 100 % cooling capacity
  • Customer-specific layout of interfaces
  • Simple mounting and integration
  • Short amortization period
  • Durable and maintainable
  • Retrofits possible
  • Compact design

Product information

As Kendrion's core element for engine-cooling systems of the LINNIG brand, electronic-controlled electromagnetic fan clutches enable demand-meeting engine cooling. As the maximum fan speed is only necessary occasionally, dependent of the load profile, switching down to a lower speed saves energy.

The 2-speed fan clutch can realize two possible fan speeds, which are both influenced through the input speed.

In speed stage 1, the speed is realized through an integrated contact-free and wear-free permanent-magnet-system (eddy-current stage). In this stage, the fan speed can amount to between 25 and 75% of the input speed. The dimensioning is engineered to customer requirements through the number of installed permanent magnets.

Speed stage 2 is electromagnetically activated upon additional cooling requirement. The fan now runs synchronous to the input speed, with no loss of speed. The signal for the electromagnet either comes directly from a temperature sensor in the cooling circuit or via the engine-control system. The result is demand-meeting fan engagement.

A mechanical interface, as an example, is the front of the engine. In this section, the clutch also contains the assembly plate as well as the pulley. Further possible interfaces, depending on application, can be the water pump or the crankshaft. When the fan is positioned offset of the engine, the pulley forms the mechanical interface.

Fan sizes for applications range between 300 mm and 1,800 mm.

Product details

Transferable torque: Up to 2,000 Nm
Diameter of driven fans: Up to approx. 2,000 mm
Supply voltage: 12 or 24 V

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