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Kendrion technology for genset applications

By using electromagnetic fan clutches, Kendrion is a recognized partner for demand-meeting engine cooling. In this application field, the common objective of Kendrion and its customers is the reduction of ongoing operational costs through fuel savings and the production of long-lasting products. Thus, clutch technology is being employed in gensets with great success. Fuel savings of up to 5,5 % through demand-meeting control of the fan speed are not uncommon. Add to this the considerable reduction of noise for a silent genset solution.

Kendrion's clutches are used in gen sets for continuous operation or to cover peek capacities. But also for special applications, such as gensets that operate in very cold climatic zones or as emergency power generators, where maximum possible outputs are immediately required. Further applications include cranes, where gen sets are used to power cable winches and electrical wheel-hub motors.

The modular designed series of electromagnetic fan clutches covers gensets with output ranges between 30 and 1,300 kW. It goes without saying that Kendrion's fan clutches can be retrofitted into existing gen sets.

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