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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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We hold and lift so that it's easier for you.


Lifting magnets for heavy weights

With our lifting magnets you transport your parts not only safely but also comfortable.

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Permanent lifting magnets

Permanent lifting magnets of our PML series have already been proven in thousands of applications. They have an increased factor of safety and compared to other standard lifting magnets they reach the best results in regards even with rough surfaced material. The robust, smoothly one hand lever is to use even with gloves on and once the magnet is rotated there is now magnetic force measureable. The heavy duty design with the robust rotor shaft is guaranteeing safety and dependability even in the roughest environment. There are different standard designs of the lifting magnets available. All of them stand for safety in the steel, tooling and material handling industry. The core values of our systems are listed below.

  • Almost wear-free due to high-quality materials
  • High performance next to compact design
  • Low dead weight
  • Maximum performance even at rough surfaces
  • Nickel plated magnet housing
  • Short loading and unloading times
  • No mechanical damage of the material
  • Can be used for round and flat materials
  • Vertically and horizontally useable
  • Maximized safety due to easy handling

Battery powered lifting magnets

Battery powered lifting magnets can be used independent form location and still have same advantages as the permanent lifting magnets. The major difference is that battery powered lifting magnet can be controlled remotely. Normally they are used where there are high weight materials to be transported. Also if the access is limited or simply if safety requirements are making it impossible for works to be physically on sight these lifting magnets are the perfect choice. All our battery powered lifting magnets are equipped with IR remote controls which are equipped with deep discharge proof batteries. All our products are meeting the latest safety requirements and are designed to guarantee highest ease of operation.