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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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We hold material in place so you can work accurately

Magnetic clamping plates used as tools

We help you to fix and tighten your parts so you can work precisely and safe.

Magnetic fixing and tightening

Magnetic clamping plates are used everywhere were machining operation are taking place. The clamping plates can be used for eroding, milling and grinding operations to guarantee high precision, distortion free accuracy and are hardly showing any wear. In the catalog on the side you will find a large number of standard magnetic clamping plates for various different applications. Beside our standard clamping solution we also offer custom solutions for your individual fixing problem.

Magnetic palletizing clamping plate

The importance of automation in between machining operation is getting more and more important. To decrease machine down time during eroding, milling and grinding operations magnetic palletizing clamping plates are becoming more important. The major benefit of the magnetic palletizing clamping plate is that you can pre-stack parts on the plate which is than inserted to the machine – this can be a fully automated process. In the catalog on the side you will find multiple examples we realized for our customers. Our magnetic palletizing clamping plates are working with all major palletizing systems.

Sinus tables with magnet plate

Sinus tables are used to precisely work on angled surfaces. Using gauge blocks you are able to adjust to every angle based on the sinus principle. Magnetic sinus tables are majorly used in the fixture and tool construction – because here very accurate angular positioning of up to 5 seconds is required.