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There are two types of rotary solenoids from Kendrion: The high performance solenoid which is extremly fast switching and of high force and the compct rotary solenoid which is very small and cost-effective.

Rotary Solenoids

Rotary solenoids are rotary actuating solenoids for a wide range of applications. The high performance rotary solenoid excels by extremely fast switching times and a sturdy design. Compact, cost-efficient and easy to use – these are the attributes characterizing the compact rotary solenoid.

New Compact Rotary Solenoid CDR

Simple and Cost-Efficient Design

The CDR has a simple design, allowing for cost-efficient production and customer-specific adaptation. Furthermore, due to the integrated permanent magnet it is bistable which effects currentless holding in the rotor end position. The ball bearing ensures wear-free use.

Standard Variant Available

The standard variant of the rotary solenoid line CDR is the CDR030 with a diameter of 30 mm and a rotation angle of 90°. Supply voltage, torque and holding torque as well as further technical data can be seen in the table below.

Hall Sensor and Damper Suitable for Integration

Depending on the requirement the CDR can be customized. Provision is made for the one or two-sided integration of hall sensors to ensure the function monitoring of the solenoid. Furthermore, dampers can be installed to reduce the noise when the rotary solenoid switches. Due to the modular design more far-reaching adaptations can be realized with little development effort.