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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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IP Strategy

Innovative capacity

Globalisation and technological developments are leading to growing competitive pressure. Kendrion is aware that it will be unable to achieve and maintain its planned growth and attractive market positions without continually strengthening its innovative drive and engineering capacity.

Kendrion has implemented an organisational structure designed to ensure continued innovation within the company.

Intellectual Property; patents

It is no coincidence that the name of Dr. Wilhelm Binder has been mentioned here. From the very beginning of our company, the ceaseless efforts of Wilhelm Binder Sr and Jr led to a stream of innovations and patents. Kendrion currently holds several dozens of – sometimes trailblazing – patents in its name, and several more are added every year.

Our innovative drive leads to progressively greater know-how in the areas of electromagnetism, materials, products and processes. It is crucially important to adequately maintain and make available this knowledge, or Intellectual Property (IP), within the organisation (knowledge management) while at the same time protecting it in the market. To do so, an IP strategy has been developed for each business unit.

One of the purposes of that IP strategy is to ensure adequate protection for research & development projects using know-how built up over time, for instance by means of non-disclosure agreements with employees, suppliers and other partners. Stringent non-disclosure agreements are signed for projects undertaken jointly with potential or actual customers.

In addition to such non-disclosure agreements, fixed procedures are deployed to assess whether innovations qualify for additional protection as well. The criteria applied include the degree of technological innovation and the likelihood that the know-how can actually be monetised in the market in one or more products. This can lead to the filing of an application for a patent, design patent (“Geschmacksmuster”) or utility patent (“Gebrauchsmuster”), for which purposes the geographical areas in which the application is intended to be valid are carefully determined.

A fixed system is used to assess whether Kendrion is limited by third-party IP rights in developing its own know-how. Business units work together wherever possible.

Kendrion has for many years worked with selected renowned patent offices that have built up a great deal of technical knowledge about our products and are accordingly able to properly assess our innovations and developments and to support applications for patents or other IP rights throughout the world.


Kendrion, Binder, Linnig and Kuhnke are well-known names in the global market and stand for quality and innovation. It is very important to protect those names. Consequently, the word marks and figurative marks of Kendrion and the principal product names such as Binder, Linnig are Kuhnke registered worldwide in the relevant trademark registers.