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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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General Meeting of Shareholders

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The Kendrion General Meeting of Shareholders is held annually, no later than the month of June, and is held in Zeist, Utrecht or Amsterdam. Convocation to the General Meeting of Shareholders is effected by the Supervisory Board or Executive Board no later than on the 42nd day before the date of the meeting, by means of announcement in a newspaper with national distribution and in the Daily Official List of Euronext.

Every agenda for the annual meeting will state at least the following points to be covered:

  • discussion of the annual report
  • discussion and adoption of the annual accounts
  • appropriation of the profit remaining after reservation
  • granting of discharge to the members of the Executive Board
  • granting of discharge to the Supervisory Directors
  • appointment of auditor (if required)
  • other subjects raised by the Supervisory Board, Executive Board or shareholders in observance of the provisions of the articles of association and announced in observance of article 45.1 of the articles of association, including (but not limited to) designation of a corporate body authorised to issue shares and authorisation of the Executive Board to have the company acquire shares or depositary receipts for shares in its own capital.

Information on General Meetings of Shareholders of Kendrion N.V. for previous years is provided below.

For information on General Meetings of Shareholders of Kendrion N.V. for the years 2006 - 2010, please click here to view the archive.